Thursday, April 26, 2012

His Divine His Grace Dato' Seri Guruji Receives Prestigious Award

Malaysia's leading Spiritual Master, His Divine Grace Yoga Jnana Sitthar Om Sri Rajayoga Guru  Dato' Seri V.T. Balakrishnan (Dato' Seri Guruji)  was conferred a highly prestigious award by the Delhi Tamil Sangam on 29th March 2012 in a special function held in New Delhi, India, which carries the title ' Agila Ulaga Yoga Jnana Thiyana Payirche Muthanmei Sitthar'.

Delhi Tamil Sangam functions as the headquarters for all the Tamil societies throughout India. This happens to be the first ever occasion where a Spiritual Master from Malaysia is honoured with such a highly acclaimed award in India. This certainly is a great recognition for Malaysia in the eyes of the world.

His Divine Grace Yoga Jnana  Sitthar Om Sri Rajayoga Guru is the Founder of the Rajayoga Power Transceendental (RPT) Meditation Society which was established in Malaysia 15 years ago. Currently there are more than five hundred thousand Rajayoga practitioners in the organisation based in Malaysia and around the world. RPT's  headquarters is located  in Kuala Lumpur and it has branches in Johor Bahru, Singapore, London, India, Australia and the USA.  Dato' Seri Guruji has been conducting Yogic Power seminars for the past 15 years through the RPT organisation for self-development of mankind.  Following 27 years of extensive spiritual research Dato'  Seri Guruji  has discovered and is currently preaching that the Yogic Power can also be used for worldly achievements besides spiritual advancement. This is a breakthrough in the history of spirituality. People of all races from Malaysia and other countries attend the Yogic Power  and meditation seminars conducted by Dato' Seri Guruji and lead enriching and prosperous life.  The noble mission of Dato' Seri Guruji is for people to use the Yogic Power to attain material goals and simultaneously establish a connection with God.

Among the Siddhas in this era, the only Siddha who has attained all eight major Siddhis with God's Grace and yet opted to be different from other Siddhas and mingles among ordinary people, is none other than Dato' Seri Guruji.

Considering the invaluable service rendered by Dato' Seri  Guruji to mankind, the Delhi Tamil Sangam has honoured His Divine Grace on 29.03.2012 with the prestigious award that carries the  title 'Agila Ulaga Yoga Jnana Thiyana Payirche Muthanmei Sitthar'.  This is a great recognition for all the spiritual achievements  of Dato' Seri Guruji thus far. In the award function, Dato' Seri Guruji taught meditation to all the attendees and explained how meditation uplifts not only the individual but also the family and the surrounding community. Furthermore, His Divine Grace clarified that there is no restriction for women to practise meditation.

His Divine Grace Dato' Seri Guruji  has made Malaysia proud by receiving this award and as such all Malaysians take this opportunity to wish Dato' Seri Guruji our heartiest congratulations. Let us pray that Dato' Seri Guruji is blessed with greater achievements in future and everlasting fame.

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    IC Number : 830818–12-5049

    My name is S Arvinthan and I attended the 81st yoga sakthi event on the 28th September 2003. By that time, I just completed my studies in Risk Management and was working as an Assistant Executive (Motor Claims) with QBE Insurance Ltd. I was earning a salary of RM1400. I was having difficult time in my job and the salary I was earning was hardly enough to pay for my daily expenses. I hated my job so much and was very unhappy with life.

    The main reason I attended this Yogasakthi course was to enhance my career prospects and improve my financial standings. With great hope, I attended the course and practiced meditation daily. I frequently used the goal achieving techniques daily. I started seeing small changes in my work and I began to realize that insurance line is not where I can show my talent and is have no passion for it.

    As I practiced meditation daily, I began to realize my real potential .My confidence grew stronger and I started to look for greater challenges. On a fine day, as I was reading newspaper, accidently saw an article on pilots and it really fascinated me. I did my goal achieving for almost 3 months and the Yoga sakthi guided me towards my goal. Till today I still wonder how my goals materialized.

    I was offered a place in HM Aerospace, Flight Training Academy to pursue my Commercial Pilots License(CPL). I had never dreamt of becoming a pilot in my entire life . The fee was huge and I am not from wealthy family. Yet I really don’t understand the way things worked and finally after 2 ½ years of training, I graduated with my CPL license. Immediately after my graduation, I was employed – that was miracle too. Currently I am working with Air Asia Bhd. I am earning almost 4 to 5 times more than my previous salary.

    I enjoy my work and my financial status is much better now.
    In this few years, I had very bad accident and I impact of accident is wordless. None of the spectators would belief the driver was safe, but I did. Thanks for the protection I do daily.

    Yogasakti is real and for those who practice the meditation and other techniques well, anything you can achieve. I have not word to thank my master as what I gained tremendous big. Thank you Dato’ Seri Guruji.

    S Arvinthan